Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The WordPress® 2-Step

Hello again,

On my blogging pilgrimage, one of the things that I decided to do was to see how easy it would be to set up a WordPress® blog using the zone manager. As it turns out, if you assemble a simple WordPress® install script like this one its as simple as two steps. Here are the two steps that I used to create a secure self-contained WordPress zone using the zone manager.

1. Create a zone named wordpress. In the following invocation of the zone manager a zone named wordpress is created, given an IP address, properly sets up name resolution, installs the apache, mysql4, mod_php, and php4_mysql packages from blastwave, and copies the simple wordpress install script into the zone and then runs it once the zone is created.
# zonemgr -a add -n wordpress -z /zones -P pw \
-C "/wordpress.sh|/wp.sh" -C /etc/resolv.conf \
-C "/etc/nsswitch.dns|/etc/nsswitch.conf" \
-I "|bfe0|24|gsblog" -X /wp.sh \
-G apache -G mysql4 -G mod_php -G php4_mysql
2. Configure WordPress through your favorite web browser. In my case, here was my URL:

From an product installation perspective, that is it. You are done. Now of course I'm not going to leave you hanging there. Here in pictorial form are the rest of the basic steps for setting up the blog to make it accessible.

Here is what you see when the browser returned when I entered the URL.

I clicked on "create a wp.config.php file through a web interface". The following page was returned.

Of course, I clicked on "let's go"! Then I entered the configuration details in the web page seen below.

That concluded the basic configuration. Next I applied the configuration and completed the WordPress® installation by clicking on "run the install".

Next I needed to name my blog and enter my e-mail. Note that the e-mail and web address don't really exist.

Clicking on "Install WordPress" button returned the following administrative details.

Voila, I now have a working WordPress® running in a Sun Solaris zone!

Hope you enjoyed the WordPress® 2-Step!


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